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I get all Edmund’s private label rights gold products because he is awesome and his stuff works. It makes money. He’s a bloody genius.

Hey, My name is Timothy Harrison and love computers. I made this site Private Label Rights Gold. I am probably what you would call a computer nerd, although a particularly cool one…lol. Anyway when I am not behind the computer you can find me sea kayaking in the local bays. I live near to some amazing sea harbors which serves an an ideal place to go on a weekend adventure in my trusty kayak taking some food, water and a sleeping bag and if I am lucky another human to keep me company. I also like reading and spending time with my children.

I am an Internet Marketer. I have been successfully running my own online business (Ellington Enterprises) for over five years now. I would consider myself an expert in Social Media Marketing and Profile Management. Private Label Rights Gold is one of my favourite organizations mainly because of the awesome products they create.

I have made most of my money through project management consultancy services, but I have also been running my own SEO services which is where I see my future in this ever changing IT media world. Private Label Rights Gold has always got something I can use to help me with my online endeavors.

I am also a big believer in Video Marketing as these days, it is a huge part of every marketers profile plan. Youtube is so big now that if you can make a convincing video and get traffic to it, you will be well on the way to having a successful campaign. Usually after you have a booming popular video promoting your products, music or short film, everything else just automatically falls into place. It’s kind of canny how that happens.Private Label Rights Gold are experts at video and I follow everything Edmund says about it.

Anyway, I came across this very helpful service that has boosted some of my video and Private Label Rights Gold marketing projects tremendously. It was so good I decided to make a blog about it, and this is that blog (Secret Consulting Riches). The service I am talking about is featured through out the rest of this private label rights gold website, but essentially it is a service to make you a lot of money with PLR, Consulting and video marketing, the new way to do internet marketing properly. I recommend you watch the video on this site, see video link at top of private label rights gold main page.

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